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Aircraft Rental Miami

Suntime Exotic Car Rental meets your aircraft rental needs in Miami with our premium rental fleet ranges and modern avionics. Our latest and advanced Aircraft rental fleet is professionally maintained to meet the highest standards of excellence. Featuring premium safety, excellent avionics, and superior comfort, our huge fleet includes light charter jets, midsize charter jets, super midsize charter jets, heavy charter jets, special aircraft, and turboprop charters. 

We try our best to meet the needs of the people in Miami by providing aircraft for general use. Some of our planes are available for qualified pilots while others are suitable no matter what your level of training is. With Suntime, there is no limit to our efforts to make your journey memorable. Following are the main features of our Aircraft rental services:


Our main responsibility is to ensure the safety of our passengers. We have an integrated safety management system which is led by our full-time Safety Officer. We are one of the top private aviation companies in Miami and we make sure that each member of our team is responsible for maintaining the safety culture. We also 

Customized Service

With us, you just have to optimize your investment and travel. To add a personalized touch to your travel plan, we stand by you from start to end. Or private and personalized aircraft rental services help you soar with style and exceed your expectations to provide comfort and joy. Our personalized flight plans along with professional safety and cleaning standards help you get the flight experience you’ve been yearning for long.

Comfort And Luxury

Enjoy a unique and elite travel experience with our Miami aircraft rental services. Our aircraft features superior amenities and spacious seating. With our aircraft you’ll be able to experience non-stop comfort from reservation to return. Our fleet is equipped with all the high-end features along with complete Wi-Fi services so that you stay connected during the flight. We manage your aircraft rental with scheduling expertise and dedicated care. 

Meet Our Fleet

Whether you’re interested in creating a personalized plan for your pilot career or want to experience the comfort of our elite jets, we are just one call away. We know that owning an aircraft rental service is major responsibility and thus we pay full attention to Safety and overall services. We put great emphasize on the asset management aviation which provides flexibility, reliability, and convenience to our customers. We have come a long way since our inception and now we are one of the most popular aircraft rental service providers in Miami. See the categories of the jets in our fleet:

Light Jets In Miami

Our light charter jets provide best value and can comfortably and efficiently carry around 7 passengers. These jets are used frequently for regional charter flights that have a duration of 3 hours. The light jets are ideal for commercial purposes such as air tour, light freight transportation, and air photography. Our light charter jets feature:

  • Enclosed lavatory
  • Mini galleys
  • In-flight audio and video entertainment

The light charter jets Miami are able to make landings on small airports thus bringing our customers closer to their destination. The pilots and crew are highly professional and trained and they strive to provide an exceptional flight experience to the passengers. Have a look at our fleet:

Citation Jet 3/ CJ3

To have a personalized flight experience, book a relaxing and comfortable flight in CJ3 today. The CJ3 has a cruising speed of 463 mph and a baggage capacity of 74 cubic feet. 

Citation Jet 2/ CJ2

Citation Jet 2 and CJ2 provide fast and discreet travel option to the passengers. The light jet aircrafts are equipped with fresh air system that keeps the cabin air clean. CJ2 has an innovational convention wing design that maintains uninterrupted flow of air for a smooth flight. 

Phenom 100/ 300

Phenom 100 and 300 are also classified as light charter jets and are equipped with industry exclusive technology along with advanced cabin control system. It can carry up to 4 passengers and has a bag capacity of 70 cubic feet. 

Mid-Size Jets In Miami

Our mid-size charter jets are a good option for short and long haul flights and they provide a comfortable space for all the people on board. The jets are designed especially to reach a remote location with a flight duration of 5 hours. These aircrafts are equipped with track seating, swivel, recline, and side-by-side seating for a luxury flight experience. Following are the midsize charter jets in our fleet:

  • Citation 650 Series
  • Hawker 600L
  • Learjet 45
  • Citation sovereign
  • Gulfstream G100/G150/IAI/ASTRA SPX

Heavy Charter Jets In Miami

Heavy charter jets are designed for international journeys and a long luxurious travel. They are equipped with large cabins that can accommodate 9 to 16 passengers. The heavy jets comprise high-end features such as complete hot galley for custom in-flight catering, full-sized enclosed lavatory, WiFi, top-notch audio/video entertainment, and a cabin attendant. They feature non-stop ranges which can exceed 7,000 statute miles. Following are the heavy charter jets in our fleet:

  • Citation Excel
  • Hawker 700/750
  • Learjet 55
  • Hawker 900 XP
  • Citation XLS

Turboprop Charters Miami

Turboprop Charter jets are very cost-effective and they are ideal for companies that require short to midrange charter operations. They have efficient engines and consume less fuel per passenger, hence perfect for economy travel. Turbopop charters are designed to handle unimproved runways and they can access shorter runways. The Turbopop charters are equipped with latest amenities and equipment which include advanced avionics, radar and GPS navigation, noise-cancelling technology, and spacious luxury cabin interiors. Following is our fleet of Turboprop charters:

  • King Air 350
  • King Air 90
  • King Air B200
  • PC-12
  • King Air 200
  • Cessna Conquest

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