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Ferrari Berlinetta Gold f12

Ferrari Berlinetta Gold f12

$1,650.00 / day

Engine6.3L V12
Fuel typeGasoline

Ferrari Berlinetta Gold F12

Rent the Ferrari Berlinetta Gold F12 for an incredibly thrilling experience! This one-of-a-kind sports car will take you to your destination in style and class. With a sleek exterior, modern interior, and powerful engine, this car has been designed for maximum performance. The 740 horsepower V12 engine accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds, providing an unparalleled driving experience. The aerodynamic body is equipped with efficient air intakes that reduce fuel consumption and enhance aerodynamics. Its impressive interior features fine details, a user-friendly display system, and luxurious leather upholstery; everything you need for your perfect ride.

Add Some Golden Sparkle to Your Rides

On the outside, the body of this Ferrari is painted in a unique golden color that draws the eye. Its aggressive styling, along with its low stance, provide a truly remarkable aesthetic – something that only Ferraris can produce. Make a statement wherever you go by renting this ultra-luxurious car today!

Get Behind the Wheel and Feel Limitless

The Ferrari Berlinetta Gold F12 rental offers convenience through its various locations throughout Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. And if you ever plan on going further out of town or overseas, there’s no need to worry, as this Ferrari can easily be transported wherever you desire. Find your dream car today when you rent the Ferrari Berlinetta Gold F12 – the ultimate symbol of sophistication and luxury!