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Grey RR Dawn

Grey RR Dawn

$1,099.00 / day

Engine6.6 Liters Twin-Turbo V12
Fuel typeGasoline

Grey RR Dawn

Introducing the Grey RR Dawn – an exquisite luxury rental car experience. Let us take you through the many features that make this Rolls Royce Dawn your perfect choice.

Make a Powerful Impression Wherever You Go

The exterior of the Grey RR Dawn is sleek and sophisticated, with a grey finish that shimmers in the light. The classic silhouette of this Rolls Royce speaks volumes; whether you’re heading to a business meeting or a night out with friends, you will be certain to make a powerful impression.
On the inside, expect nothing less than exacting quality and absolute comfort. You’ll find plush leather upholstery creating a beautifully inviting atmosphere – perfect for any occasion. Heating or cooling functions create an ideal temperature all year round, making your drive incredibly pleasant regardless of outside conditions. In addition, the RR Dawn has been designed from top-to-bottom with space and legroom in mind; there is more than enough room for four passengers inside, so everyone can spread out in true VIP luxury.

Experiences That Will Last a Lifetime – Rent the Grey Rr Dawn

What about performance? Well, don’t worry because decadence isn’t the only great aspect offered by the Grey RR Dawn rental service – it also comes packed with power under its hood. With a 6-litre V12 engine with dual turbochargers and an 8-speed ZF transmission system, you can benefit from incredible pickup and responsive shifting for any requirement at any time. Aside from raw performance, a host of onboard elements like Drivelogic RWD (Real Wheel Drive) add extra responsiveness and dynamic control to your driving experience.
In short, then: if you’re looking for exceptional comfort, style and power from a luxury car rental service – look no further than the Grey RR Dawn!