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Why Suntime Exotic Car Rentals?

Lamborghini Huracan EVO

Value for price:

With us, you won’t only get cheap exotic cars, but the quality you deserve too. There are no hidden charges and we make sure that we have all the discussion before-hand so that you are prepared for the cost as a whole. To make sure your car rental service is cheap, follow these tips:

  • Place a booking in advance
  • Go for an offer that has unlimited miles
  • Choose full-to-full fuel policy

Assorted variety of cars:

Travel with comfort and style with our top-notch vehicles from the most reputed brands. With our diverse variety of sedans, you can rent a car that meets your travel needs. Whatever you have in your mind, we can serve you with the top brand car rentals. Take advantage of our expansive collection of luxury rental cars for exploring Miami on the cheap. 

Smooth comparison of vehicles:

Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced and they will give you an insights into the best vehicles that match your requirements. We help you compare the luxury cars so that you have a better idea of what will meet your requirements. Most of the luxury and top-notch cars have slightly different specifications such as dimensions, engines, and passenger space and this makes it difficult for people to make a choice. With our comprehensive comparison, you’ll be able to pick one easily. 

Swift customer support

Our mission is to provide customer oriented solutions to the people so that they are satisfied every single day. We don’t only provide comprehensive guidance for renting cars, but also do a follow up so that our clients are completely satisfied. We have been brining smiles to numerous people for more than a decade. Feel free to get in touch with us with your queries, we will respond with quick support. 

Freedom and flexibility:

We offer you great freedom and flexibility so that you don’t have to depend on the public transportation. With us, you can easily plan and schedule your journey according to your requirements, and add more personalization to it. Also, if some places that have no access to public transportation, you can reach there with our vehicles whenever you desire. 


The best thing about our luxury car rental is that you can reserve vehicle very easily at the comfort of your home. We provide you with all the information and knowledge that you need for booking you favorite sedan and also select the type of insurance that suits you. To improve your physical comfort during the travel, we make sure that you choose the car according to the duration of your trip and the number of people travelling along. 

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Nicole Kapulkin
I rented Lamborghini Huracan for 2 days and had a great experience. Alex helped me with everything and made the process really easy. I checked with other companies and they offered the best pricing. I will definitely be renting again soon.